Outsourcing analytics and BI services

A dedicated team of data analysts focused on your business needs

Who do we help?

Teams developing complex products and services

If you have a lot of products and services and need end-to-end analytics for all available data.

Teams that need to analyze multiple reports daily

If you only have static .pdf or Excel reports our experts will develop solutions to allow your business users to visualize the data interactively and analyse it independently.

Teams that need decent product metrics and KPI

If you need to determine the most efficient business metrics for your operations, then our analysis lead you to a complete understanding of the critical KPIs.

What will we do?

We will collect data from all products and services into a unified repository, normalize the data, and identify meaningful connections between data segments.

We will convert the prepared data into an analytical form and develop interactive dashboards featuring your required reports.

We will train the internal users on how to collect reports and provide guidance on the best practices for collecting metrics.

What does it look like?

We use Kibana, Grafana, and Metabase for data visualization. These are free and open source solutions with excellent documentation and a large userbase.

A Python and data science stack are implemented for data processing, and PostgreSQL or Hadoop/Hive is used for data storage.

The tools we use

Kibana / Metabase

These flexible, free and open source solutions are essential tools for data visualization. When working with Kibana, Elasticsearch is integrated to store data in an analytical form.

Data science

We incorporate Python, Pandas, and NumPy to work with analytical data.


This tool organizes data processing workflows when there are many interdependent tasks.


As an alternative to Hadoop+Hive, PostgreSQL is used for basic data storage.


For user interfaces, e.g. uploading Excel files.

Solution Architecture

The cost of a typical project

A business analyst, a developer, and a system administrator are involved in a typical project. From the customer’s perspective, the combined work of this team costs the same as that of one employee.

A simple case

All data is available in the database
The data is structured into appropriate tables.

We curate the data into a unified repository and normalize it.

Expected timeline is 1-2 weeks

A complicated case

All data exist in different sources.
All data is organized in a variety of structures.

We curate the data into a unified repository and normalize it.

We migrate the data into an analytical form.

We develop visualizations on the prepared data.

Expected timeline is 2-3 months


Is there any technical support?

As part of the project, we train internal users to enable them to support and add reports to the dashboard independently.

In addition, we can:

maintain up-to-date data following changes,

develop new business reports.

The minimum cost of technical support is
1 000 $ per month.

What if everything is very complicated?

We make complex consolidations based on fuzzy data matches to:

formalize addresses,

link alternate spellings of names,

find and combine duplicate texts when the match is fuzzy,

search for anomalies in sales charts,

predict time series (e.g., sales forecasts and user churn forecasts).

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