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The typical content manager tasks are to publish SKU in a specific catalog entry and to assign necessary labels and properties to a product.

This work makes it possible for the customer to locate the product in a category or by using filters.


A common problem that large e-commerce sites are facing is the slow speed of content managers. If content managers process products slower than sellers publish new entries, then the backlog starts to build up. These products are therefore not visible on the site which means that they do not sell.

It is therefore clear that the sales depend on the speed and quality of content management.

Our e-commerce solutions are based on AI and make possible for content management to run at speeds of up to 10 times faster.

Automated products categorization

If you're offering millions of SKU's from thousands of sellers, you will need a team of content managers who publish each product into specific category on the site.

The content manager will look at the product image, read it's description and select the right category in the site catalog.

Our solution automates and speeds up the content manager's work by up to 10 times faster with the help of AI: tagging and product classification happens automatically.
Andrey Tatarinov
Andrey Tatarinov

CEO Epoch8

The main advantage of automatic categorization versus manual is throughput:

  • the content managers team is able to publish 200K products in about 3-4 months of work
  • automated categorization with manual control from the content managers team is able to publish 1 million of products in 1 month

Attributes extraction

We can extract structured attributes from photographs and descriptions of a product. These attributes can be used in the product catalog and in the search. For example - that some specific product is for women, or that this specific product is yellow.


Duplicate item search

It is common that several sellers provide duplicate items.

We can find these duplicated items and you can decide whether, or not to merge them into one item.


How it works in details

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Extra services for e-commerce

Personalized recommendations

If your store provides a large number of items (such that customer will never see all the available items), you need to show customers only the items that offer a high probability that they will want to buy.

With AI we can predict which items will be most interesting for the customer and create a personalized item collection for specific customers in real time.

BI and analytics

If you don't have a system for daily data collection and visualization about store performance, you don't have the opprtunity to make informed business-decisions.

We can automate regular data collection, processing and storage from variety of sources and we can build all necessary business-reports: KPIs, sellers, items, revenue, customer acquisition costs, order status, site functions etc.

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The customer provides access to "raw" data in any form: CSV export, API or database access.

The results of our work will be in the most suitable form for you:

  • text files in popular formats
  • high performance API (~50ms to response), available 24/7
  • the system can be deployed on either your or our servers
  • support can be either yours or ours

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